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Little Richard –   What’s your twist….  your ‘wop bop a loo bop’ – your style?  What does your audience crave to hear from you?!  How can you bring your uniqueness to the forefront and shine your greatness on the world?

Jon Bon Jovi – Take a Leap of Faith…. Strut, dance, get loose, & take the leap into you.
Your business and everything else will soar from there!

Ozzy Osbourne – 4 my sister…… Live out Loud!  Rock your choices, your love, your vision and your Zest for Living!  That’s the best we can ask for in this life.

Tina Turner – Purge yourself of anything that’s bringing you down…..  What inner gem can you access right now, that will lead you to the Mountain – your Dream.   What ability do you have that can you focus on & develop, bringing yourself into a healthy, affluent, Dynamic Lifestyle?

Adele – Rumor has it you are Scandalous!  Give your ‘peeps’ what they need – find their pulse and vibe them out.
Get Rolling in the Deep
Get deep with someone who can ask you better questions and  provide objectivity
Have more freedom to focus solely on the answers
ind an alternative, quicker route, with better results

Mick Jagger – Grab your Ya Ya’s & Strut your stuff, baby!  Staying in good shape physically, mentally and spiritually is most likely a priority for you.  A healthy, dynamic lifestyle is useful to you.  An entrepreneurial lifestyle is pure Rock Star.  It is the ultimate freedom.

Janis Joplin – Don’t compromise yourself…..  put a little Soul in your biz!
Uncovering, naming and halting a BUI (Behaving Under the Influence) is one of your first steps
to freeing yourself up to Rock a healthy, affluent & dynamic lifestyle

Gene Simmons3 easy ways to Rock a healthy ego: Be in your essence – easily accessing your core self and thriving Be in command of your emotion – making clear, concise decisions
Let your energy flow
– readily available for optimal performance, body/mind/soul

Joan Jett – Pop your Cherry…… Are you a bad ass? Are you really at your Rock Star level, or do you think you need to tweak a few things?
Love is all around, no need to fake it.
You can have the town, why don’t you take it.
You’re gonna make it after all……..

Steven Tyler – Take a chance… get over your ‘screamn’ demons’, get back in the saddle & find the ‘sweet emotion’ in your life & your biz!  When something happens to you that really knocks you on your ass, you may feel like you’ll never get back up.  At first.  Once you’ve maneuvered the rough terrain, you can really getchya groove on.

David Bowie – ‘tomorrow belongs to those who can hear it coming’….. listen to your Heart & Rock it out!
What is the biggest change in your life you are resisting right now?
Why are you resisting this change?
What are you afraid of in respect to this change?
When will you take your next step?

Prince – Get Wet!  Rock your burnin’ desire & take it all the way to the top – blow your horn!!
Let everybody know your name & what you are up to!!!   Stay Sexy & Rock Ya Self Out!

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