It’s time to get in Vibrational Shape and Rock a Higher Vibe!

When you’re in alignment with yourself, that’s when the Magic starts to happen…..
– Out of all the influences that don’t suit you
– Intuitively, wholly and dynamically your self
– Able to discern past & be totally present & fully alive

Line Yourself Up
How do you that?  It takes effort, awareness and willingness……. once you get rollin’, it’s easy!  Where do you feel you’re in your best vibrational shape
Emotionally?  Physically?  Intellectually?  Energetically?  Spiritually?  Socially?
How available are you to yourself and others? 
Is there anywhere you feel dis-harmony?

Back to LOV
Before you can begin attracting everything you want, you have to be vibrating in your own energy – in LOV with yourself and Rockn’ your Highest Vibe.  It’s all about the Law of Vibration.  The further you get in your life, you’ll discover you can’t do it half assed…. you’ve gotta be all in.  There’s a commitment and love you’ve got to give to yourself to go all the way.  To really be the best person you can – living in your potential, Rockn’ your possibilities. 

Where do you want to start?!
If you feel stuck, sign up for one of my breakthrough sessions.



Are You Ready to Live Pain Free?

If you’re ready – really ready – to take the first step in breaking your cycle of pain, sign up for a complimentary Body Rock Breakthrough Session.  In this 30 minute session you’ll get an ‘AHA’ or mini breakthrough around what causes your pain and how to get out of it.

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PD-Headshot 200x150After an outstanding career as one of L.A.'s top fitness trainers, Paula D'Andrea is Rocking her role as a Transformation Specialist. Paula has taken her knowledge of the body to a deeper level with her Body Rock Breakthrough Program. Using her strong, intuitive coaching skills, empathy, personal experience in healing her own body and years of practical learning, she is now guiding her clients out of long term, cyclical pain to live more vibrant, dynamic lives. Paula guides people through transformations that strengthen their 'inner Soul' to become solid in who they are – mentally, physically,emotionally and energetically.

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