If you want to make it to the top, you’re the one who’s gonna make it happen.  Most def, positive reinforcement works, and a good coach or mentor will be able to point out things you may have overlooked.  Support while you are in that ‘in between’ is really key.  Ultimately, all the final choices lay in your lap, no one else.  The power is all you, baby!

Get in the driver’s seat, take full responsibility and go all out.  Be the person you really want to be.  What does that take?  It takes being in integrity with yourself.  If you believe in health, have the best body you can.  Eat well & fuel your body for ultimate performance, be respectful of your body, exercise.

Maybe your thing is to be spiritually aligned.  If that’s the case, get solid with who/what/how keeps you in check.  It may be a specific yoga class twice a week, writing, or a being involved in a community.  Get involved, and keep yourself lined up.  Get the idea?

Bottom line – walk your talk & rock it out!

If you are in that ‘in between’ space and need some help getting clarity, contact me, and I’ll help you out.  For more empowerment, join me on Facebook.


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