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October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month

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After finishing a #mammogram in 2012, as I was getting dressed a nurse came in the dressing room, and said, ‘We found something unusual, I need you to put this on.’  She handed me a blue gown and told me the oncologist on duty saw something ‘suspicious,’ and I needed some new scans. I was beside myself as I got undressed. ‘WTF! Haven’t I been through enough?!’ 

During my life I already encountered abusive situations, life threatening situations – including a staph infection, and family losses.  Can you say, “I’m done?!”  I just needed to have some stability in my life and experience some good things.

My mind raced as I put my clothes back in my locker and put the gown on. Moments flashed before me, my holistic plan came into being. As my thoughts were spinning, interrupted by a knock at the door, and I was led to another room.

The technician who was there to give me an ultrasound was super friendly. She was very reassuring and accurate and smiled at me the whole time. Meanwhile, my mind had pretty much conjured up every situation between the dressing room and the ultrasound.

I was then put in another waiting room. Picking up a magazine seemed so ridiculous. My mind couldn’t quiet, even during breathing exercises.  Mindless chatter ensued as I used everything I knew to bring in light.  Just as I was settling into that sweet spot of light and love, I heard my name called once again.  Another nurse, another room…. a biopsy.  I pulled up my color – fuschia – and immersed myself in swirls of color and deep breathing.  I didn’t flinch as the needle pierced my skin.

A few days later, I was contacted by my gynecologist, strongly urging me to contact the referral she had for me.  A week later I sat across from the oncologist, while my heart gripped my chest. I had already been through so much, I didn’t think I could go through much more.  ‘Surviving one more thing’ wasn’t in my plans.  No matter what he said, I was going to continue to eat nutritiously, exercise and seek alternative healing methods.  That’s my plan for life

Fortunately, he didn’t see an immediate danger, yet wanted to monitor me…… every 3 months.  I could do that.  And I’m glad I did….  I recently had my #wellwoman exam – all good!

I Want You To Be Well!

FACT #1:  Both men and women get breast cancer
FACT #2:  Early detection saves lives
FACT #3:  Being F.I.T. & healthy improves your quality of life – even when faced with illness

Put yourself at better odds – no matter what.  Join the F.I.T. Challenge and get your mindset, body and energy in shape.  You can overcome any challenge…… explore your possibilities – get F.I.T.

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