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Key Practices For A Freedom Lifestyle

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How do you ground yourself on a daily basis?

"I'm too busy" is the answer I've been hearing lately.

The next most popular response is "I do __," and the reference is to only one area.

I hope those aren't your answers!  That is, however, what I've been hearing from most people lately. I know you aren't 'most people,' so what are you doing?!
Let's face it, if you're taking action, that's a step in the right direction. It does take doing more than one thing though. Imagine if....
- you ate the same thing, day after day
- you only had one thought you focused on for a lifetime
- you only did one exercise and never changed it

You move slowly when anchored to old decisions, emotions and thoughts

When you put your attention on just one area, most likely you won't advance as far as someone who is cultivating more resources. Is it good that you're doing something? Absolutely! Would it be better if you were expanding your thoughts, actions and overall energy? Absolutely!

From a personal or business development POV, you round out areas of focus, don't you? On a personal level you build out areas of spirituality, health & fitness, career & finance, personal development, relationships. On a business level you round out marketing, message, models, systems.

A daily practice is a system that generates positive results. It allows you to strengthen the areas that support you to grow while keeping your focus. By grounding yourself daily with core beliefs, actions and behaviors, you'll gain momentum for your goals. It will also be a lot easier to regroup quickly when you hit a bump in the road or get distracted during your day.

Key Practices For A Freedom Lifestyle
Spend time each day grounding yourself in practices that compliment who you are, and what you believe in.  There are times in your life that you lose sight of who you are.  Your identity may get shaken by life events or outside influences.  Family values, traditions and obligations, can be challenging, and conflict with how you really want to live your life.  For most people, it's easier to go along, and get along.

How about those life events that Rock your world?  You can get clobbered when life happens!  Divorce, illnesses, death, job/career transition, and even an empty nest, can leave you drained, confused and angry.  How do you get back on your feet?  Support.

Support may show up in the form of counseling, coaching or group engagement.  If you've spent anytime floundering in your life, you know how uncomfortable that can be.  Along with feelings of depression or inadequacy - or flat out feeling like a failure.  Expert help from an outside perspective is helpful to allow yourself expansion in the areas you want to strengthen. 

You don't have to spend hours.... 40-60 minutes first thing in the morning, and 10-15 minutes in the evening is all that's required.  What kind of practices will strengthen you in these areas?
Spiritual - connect with your source on a daily basis through meditation, energy shifts or prayer
Intellectual - strengthen your core beliefs and values with specific outcomes of success
Physical - respect your body with daily self-care routines including nutrition paths and exercise
Emotional - capture the essence of  your feelings with practical tools that allow acceptance and release
Social - engage in activities with people who support and compliment you
Energy - implement practices that align you with your natural states of being
What do you already have in place?  Which areas do you need help with?

Develop Your Daily Practice

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