Peg Roach Loyd

I received an Irish Blessing a few years ago as I was graced with a wonderful client and colleague, the late, beautiful Peg Roach Loyd.

I dubbed Peg my ‘Biggest Rocker in Little Rock.’  Besides being a talented writer and singer, she also taught herself how to play all of the Celtic instruments.

She had amazing spirit, humor and zest for living. Thank you for all you have shared Peg, I am grateful to have known you!


An excerpt from Peg:
“I’m embarking on a journey I do not know where it will lead
It may result in my triumph, or leave me behind in defeat

Either way I’m feeling grateful, just for being able to take flight
To spread my wings and take a chance, for what might be waiting on the other side

When I think back to what has stopped me, and kept me hesitating to leave the nest
It seems so minuscule and so silly, so very foolish to not take that first step” Finish reading on Peg’s blog

And, from Peg’s CD, The Path, one of my favorite songs, The Journey – wishing you all a safe journey in your life!

Learn more about Peg at her site:

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