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Motivation Monday: Live On Purpose

Living Life On Purpose

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It's really easy to get away from goals and dreams, isn't it? Life has a way of carrying you away - sometimes in a completely different direction. The more F.I.T. you are, the easier it is to stay in flow.... to be in your present moments, and live on purpose.

What are some of the goals you've strayed away from? Are they business related, or personal?

How can you reel yourself back in?!

What if you had the power to integrate your current daily living with your dreams and goals?

How can you live your life on purpose?
Here are 3 tips for you.......

1. Get excited about a new direction...... you've been thinking about it for a long time - now it's time to get in action!  Who's holding you accountable?!  What is the best way for you to go forward - have you given yourself guidelines?


2. Step into your Life Purpose.......  In this video, Join Life Purpose Expert and Career Coach, Suzanne Strisower as she shares how you can live on purpose.

3. Express your talent..... are you sharing your natural talents and standing in your brilliance?  What is the #1 thing you really like about yourself?  When do you feel most comfortable.... in flow?  Who do you have to be to share that aspect of you?


How are you living your life on purpose?
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