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Motivation Monday: Do What You Love

Choose_a_job_you_love Confucius


As you tuck away the summer with your friends & family, eating the last BBQ of the summer, enjoy your time off. Savor the food, scents, bugs, breeze, laughter and the last rays of summer. Let it fulfill you in every way.... to renew, spark and stir.

As you begin your last quarter and enter a new season this week,
What are you ready to dive into
What are you ready to launch
What are you ready to try differently


Are you doing what you love?!

How can you live your life doing more of what you love?
Here are 3 tips for you to strengthen your love for what you do

1. Keep A Gratitude Journal...... every day add at least 5 items to your journal

2. Step Into A Challenge....... find a coach or mentor who can support you in area you haven't ventured into yet

3. Volunteer..... fit time in your schedule to give back somewhere - teen mentoring is awesome!


How is your work entwined with your life?
Share your comment in the section below

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One Comment

  • Nancy

    I love what I do to earn money. It surprises me sometimes when I hear my colleagues, who are all professionals, talented, and passionate about their work, say “I can’t wait until the weekend!” Because we are so fortunate to be doing work we care about.

    But I believe any job can be rewarding. And I believe all jobs have a higher purpose beyond making money. For example,if you are a clerk at the DMV you are providing a positive, needed service to both those you are helping each day, and to the broader community by ensuring only those qualified have licenses to drive. If you are working on a line in a factory you are producing goods that others need or want. And so on.

    One of my favorite quotes is from Victor Frankl, something like this, “The last human freedom is to choose one’s attitude in any situation…” I believe we choose to be happy or miserable. We choose to focus on those few things that don’t work or are difficult, rather than on the many things that are good.

    Yes it’s great to do work you love, but it’s even more important to maintain a positive attitude in any situation and be grateful for all the good that surrounds us.

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