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Different Not Less

Motivation Monday: Different, Not Less - Find Your Spectrum

As someone who is in their own business, I'll bet you can relate, can't you?!  How many times have people you know been un-supportive of your entrepreneurial endeavors. It may even be how you felt growing up.... knowing that you felt something a little different than the norm.

Who nourished your talent? Temple Grandin credits her mother for being a strong advocate for her. As a matter of fact, Temple states she was 'crucial to her success.' Had her mother listened to 'the experts,' she would have been institutionalized as someone who was labeled mentally retarded.

Turns out she wasn't, and has gone on to earn the title of Dr. Temple Grandin and teaches at Colorado State University. An acclaimed writer and speaker, she is an expert in ASD and Animal Behavior.

Was there a time in your life that you were 'labeled'? What did you do to strip that label?
What is your speciality?
Are you giving an encore performance every day, or is there somewhere in your life you are disabling yourself?

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 Just as Spectrum people are 'Different, Not Less,' so are you - be sure to get out there and Rock Your Life... 365!
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