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Motivation Monday: Create Change
Don't Wait For Time

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Andy has some great insight here, doesn't he? You can't go back and change events or circumstances. Sure, after a big event, you may want to give yourself time - that's natural. The question is, how much time? And, are you waiting for that magic wand of time to make the change for you?  What if there is no event..... time has just been passing by and you have become complacent?  Hmmm.... sounds like it's truth time.

When do you know it's time for you to move on?  You'll feel the internal pull, although it may be met with resistance.  What is that resistance about anyway?  Resistance is a sure sign you're ready for change.  That feeling you get is your inner thermostat letting you know it's time to get out of a comfort zone. 

Let's say you've got your career in a good position, and now, you'd like to address an area of your life you've let slide a little..... your health.  You've let your body go, and besides putting on over 30 pounds, you've developed new aches and pains.  What would be your 1st steps? 

1. Decide.  The ability to make a decision is powerful.  There's only so long you can keep yourself at bay before it's time to stand in truth and give yourself more options - to make the decision to go forward in your life. 
2. Commitment is a powerful ally.  Once you make the decision and allow yourself to move forward, make the commitment to see your transformation through to the end.  Until now, it may have seemed a bit overwhelming, especially if you've been dealing with a lot of emotions.
3. Support.  Another perspective really does help.  We all need, someone to lean on.   Coaching is a co-creative, engaging and fun way to remain committed to your outcome and get results.  An effective coach will help you remove the filters you've been seeing through, and establish new lenses to see more potential and possibility than you are seeing for yourself.

Be sure to check in with your physician before beginning to exercise.  Get your vitals done - blood pressure, cholesterol, etc. to assess exactly how out of shape you are.  That would be a smart, and healthy choice, so when you begin, you'll reduce your chance of injury or risk.  Then you can begin building your team and plan.  The power to change is always yours.  

Create Change & Say YES! to Your Life
It takes objectivity to help you with a new perspective, and I am phenomenal at offering objectivity with new perspectives - 'connecting the dots.' When you begin connecting the dots, you will find a way to expand into more of your being.  You'll have a better sense of who you are, how you want to live and how to let your energy get stronger with that alignment every day. 

Get the 'AHA' or mini breakthrough you need to move forward.  Join me for your breakthrough session and get another step closer to living life on your terms..... with clarity, confidence and strength.    I'd love to be part of your team!  If we click, we'll discuss the ways you can move forward with me.

Create Change

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