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Motivation Monday: The Oscar Goes To...


The Nomination
Take a minute to write out all the roles you play in your life..... there's a lot, isn't there?!  Now really look at your list.  Are there any roles you'd like to relinquish? Perhaps to move on to another category......

Actor, Director, Producer
Best Actor/Actress In A Lead Role - are you really in your life - 100%?
Best Actor/Actress In A Supporting Role - are you an intricate part of the story, helping others shine?
Best Director - are you leading - making it all happens.... happy behind the scenes

All categories are important and they serve a different purpose.  Sometimes it's really clear which role feels good.  It's natural, and there's flow.  Other times you have to pull a Rocky, and step into best writer, producer, actor and director.  You've experienced that, haven't you?  It's a bit overwhelming to wear so many hats and give a performance at the same time, isn't it?

Struggling Actor
Actors are Entrepreneurs, and at times, you probably feel like an actor, don't you?
Everyone around you has told you, "don't give up your day job"

You've just given your last dime to "an expert in the field"
You've mastered being "an extra"
You've got headshots handy wherever you go
You've been told you're "unique" and "have what it takes"
You question if it's "really worth it"

Auditions, Callbacks, Bit Parts
You pour your heart and soul into your message, relationships and life, don't you?  It's tough to keep going when you feel like no one sees you or pays attention, isn't it.  It's like you're constantly keep auditioning for a role... just looking for that break.  In an actor's world, it's the coveted SAG card.  How do you get your eligibility?!
Paying your dues.  Just like anything else, it's a numbers game, and you can't take anything personally.  You'll come close many times before you hit. it.  The competition is fierce, but you know you've got it.  You're in a Catch-22.... if you could just get more opportunities, you'd be successful.
Unless you're A-List, you are not a star on set. Sure, even extras get pampered and get great perks, like chauffeured shuttles and great craft services. However, you are constantly reminded by the AD of your primary role: after hours of waiting, stand and deliver. You have to be on - if you hold up production, you're done.
After 2 hours on the set, it's already a long day. There is no glory in standing in the same spot in sweltering heat for hours on end while a you're waiting for a shot set up. Next thing you know, it's lunch and things have been switched 50 times. Even though you aren't needed for the next shot, you still have to be ready... they might need you.
How do you give an Oscar worthy performance in 2 seconds for your 5 seconds of fame? By being yourself.  By being prepared.  By being ego-less.  It is what will get you noticed - by the director.  It's exactly how I earned my SAG Eligibility.

Breakthrough..... SAG.  It is a coveted moment!  The dream.  The hours of scene study, being rejected over and over, and being this close.  It puts you in a whole new category..... even the call sheets get changed.  And when you see your name go from extra to player, it's a game changer.  Not to mention the status of being An Actor.

And, the award goes to
Are you ready to receive your Oscar?  Sometimes it's easier to give, isn't it?  Especially when you've been in a role of The Giver year after year.  It can be challenging to give up a role you've been in for a long time.  Move on to your next role - contact me now

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