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Change is inevitable

Isn't it better to be in flux than resistance?  It's all in your attitude, isn't it.  When things are good, they're good!  When things are bad, they're bad.  And you know that either situation can change with your focus.  You have the ability to turn things around.  It doesn't ever seem quick enough when things are in a down turn, does it? 
Change is inevitableThe more conscious and aware you are though, the more you'll notice - especially your thoughts & behavior.  When stuff comes up, good or bad, it's useful to be able to identify what's old and usesless. The key is to re-set your mindset where you need it, and start applying it.  It may take some getting used to, especially if you have been set in your ways and resistant to change.   Notice when you feel stressed by change - what are your triggers?
Do you begin to panic and let your mind race with negative thoughts - agitated, keyed up, emotional?
Is there a certain part of your body that begins to ache.... chest pounding, heart racing, an old flare up?
Do you reach for food or a cigarette - irritated, moody & overwhelmed?
Do you shut down, pull away or isolate and let yourself trance out?


Zap in some new energy!   When you keep strengthening your energy muscles, you'll get through any situation with more ease & grace 🙂 
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