Magic Lymph

Unlike your blood, that can pump gallons of blood every day, your lymph has to be activated to move. It's one of the reasons focusing on the mobility and circulation aspect of your fitness routine is so important.

Imagine having as much energy as your body can produce. WOW.... right?! Just close your eyes and imagine a situation where you'd really need some high energy. Got it?! Now float out to a time where you're ready to turn it on. What do you see? What do you hear? What do you feel? FILL UP with that feeling! Open your eyes and bring all of that feeling with you. Brushing will help give you that feeling on a regular basis.

Putting brushing into your daily routine is a great way to detox, get rid of old skin cells, improve circulation, AND, stimulate your lymph system to eliminate waste. Here's some of the magic of your lymphatic system:

Actively works to ambush germ invaders
Quick delivery of everything to the body
Carries waste away from cells
Helps release fat

If you've never brushed your skin before, I'd suggest using a soft to medium brush. You don't have to brush hard... just begin with firm, small strokes or work in a circular motion. Your lymph drains in the chest area... KEEP MOVING UP, from your feet all the way towards your heart. When doing your arms, begin at hands and work towards shoulder. Be gentle around your stomach with strokes that go counterclockwise.

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