★Motivation Monday: Love yourself the way you are


It’s official – the Holidays are here!

Turkeys, parties, gifts, meaning, eating, drinking…. you know the cycle. Are you gonna stress & be a mess, or enjoy your Holiday season?


3 Simple Things You Can Do:
1. Pace yourself.  Hey, nobody’s asking you to be a Saint! You’re gonna dig in to some good food here & there. Here & There. Yup, that’s the trick – a little here, a little there. Chances are you know your schedule of upcoming soirées and you’ll know where to indulge.

It makes sense to lay off the home baked cookies at work (or home) if you’re going to one or two parties during the week…. doesn’t it? Yeah, that’s what I thought.

2. Try your clothes on!  If you haven’t worn that Holiday dress or tuxedo since last year, now’s the time to pull it out. So… what’s the verdict – are you bulging at the seams, snug or a little loose? With any of those outcomes, are you reacting, thinking or shrinking?

If you’re a busting out of it or too snug, what’s your inner dialog? How can you put a new spin on that? Love yourself the way you are. It isn’t worth some crazy diet or beating yourself up. It isn’t worth berating yourself with “you’re fat” or anything else you may tell yourself. Come up with a plan for your future, healthy self to get a handle on this, once and for all. Get the voices out of your head, the story out of your heart and the pain out of your body… contact me.

In the meantime, find something else to wear, or go shopping. You may not find ‘the outfit,’ but you’ll be more comfortable and ready to have a good time 🙂

3. Get in the mood!  Are you a ‘Kris Kringle’ or ‘Bad Santa’? No one can force you to say ‘Ho, ho, ho’ when you just want to scream ‘Bah humbug,’ – what’s your deal? Are you over the Holidays? A little depressed?

Before you scream, “I shot my eye out”
Do something out of the ordinary – buy a ‘bad’ Christmas sweater (regardless of whether you celebrate or not). Wear it out at least once and just laugh when you see someone staring.
Volunteer. Even if it’s for an hour. It’ll do everybody good.
Cranky? Wallow in it! Watch the ‘Grinch’, ‘Bad Santa,’ ‘Jingle All the Way,’ ‘Fred Claus,’ and ‘Ernest Saves Christmas’ back to back. If you make it all the way through, I’ve got nothing for ya but BAH HUMBUG!

Your future, healthy self
Are you tired of going from event to event, unhappy with your appearance, self image or mindset? What does your future, healthy self look like? Do you have any idea? Deck the Halls with an ‘AHA’ or mini breakthrough this Holiday season. Come up with a plan to really live the life you desire – right now.
I’m ready if you are – contact me here

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Love & Light,

PAULA D’ANDREA Transformation Coach

Using her unique gift to ‘tune in,’ Paula guides clients to release old, trapped energy and emotion in their body.
There is a wealth of knowledge stored in the body, ready to inform and reconnect with the heart, allowing one to be in a more dynamic flow, with ease and grace. Once someone establishes this awareness, they are able to fully connect with their body and heart, to improve their self care, be healthier and live a more dynamic lifestyle.

Paula has been featured in the Wall Street Journal, Forbes.com, and an Amazon best seller.
She’s also appeared on KTLA’s Morning Edition, KNBC’s ‘Live in LA’, and Telemundo’s ‘Al Rojo Vivo’.

©Paula D’Andrea. All rights Reserved. November 25, 2013.


  • Awesome tips. Just reading them lifted my spirit! I love Christmas music and I adore jazz, so my hubby and I went out last night and jammed to Wynton Marsalis and his band do a Holiday gig. Not only was the music awesome, but Wynton is funny too! Left feeling lighter and ready to bring on the month.

  • The “buy a bad Xmas sweater” made me laugh. Don’t own any, but certainly have seen a few now and then.
    I enjoy the holiday season. Starting with Thanksgiving up in Vail (no skiing for me, just fun playing with friends), lighting Chanukah candles (starts the night before Thanksgiving), then b-day party (mine’s before yours is) and topping it off with Xmas and New Year’s. Actually don’t have a lot of parties on the calendar, but I treasure the loving spirit of the season.

    • You are ‘Ho, ho, ho-ing’ into the season Debra! You’ve got the rest
      of the year in full swing – Happy Chanukah, Happy Birthday!!

      Sometimes when you’re really bent out of shape on something,
      it’s good to laugh at yourself – with others, hence the ‘bad sweater.’
      It’s an inexpensive good gag and one that would lift even the Grinch 🙂
      Thanks for stopping by ~ Paula

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