Let Your Sun Shine In



One of my all time favorite movies in my teens was Hair.  It played often at the Avon, a revival theater on Thayer St in Providence, RI.  Hair spoke to my wild side, my sense of Freedom and rebellion, my dreams and love of life.

I had a ‘déjà vu’ moment while putting this together, and a very heartfelt moment while watching the video above.  My heartfelt moment was a reflection of the rare occasions that my father was home on a Sunday.  He would put on his ‘hi-fi’ system and play albums.  My father’s stereo really had a great sound, and it put both my parents in a good mood.  Those times were memorable and welcome.

For a 60s sound, I really gravitated towards The Mama’s & The Papa’s and The 5th DimensionAquarius/Let The Sun Shine In was a a song I always looked forward to – especially when those horns kicked in…….. that second half does it for me.  

Bohemain Utopia
When I think of Hair, a few things come to mind…. one is the theme of freedom, something I yearned for in my life.  The Avon and the nearby bookstore were places I could go that put me in a different world.  Thayer Street offered a different pace, different crowd…. a bit more diversity than where I lived and worked.  And close enough to get lost in books or movies… and away from my life for a while.   I suppose it was my Aquarius, bohemian spot.

California Dreamin’
At the same time Let The Sun Shine In was playing in my head, California Dreamin‘ was playing in my heart.  My creativity kicked in while I was strolling my bohemian utopia.  I daydreamed while perusing books and watched my movies.  Out of struggle for a while to just be.  And how my life could be different

I Got Life 
Although there are many songs I like in Hair, the one that really hits home for me is, I Got Life.  If ever there was an anthem for freedom, this is it.  The celebration of life that is you.  For me, that’s freedom…..  Rockn’ life.  Underneath the good times and the bad, you’ve got yourself.  And that’s everything.

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  • When “Hair” was on Broadway (the first time) my mom let me go into Manhattan (from Queens) myself (also, for the first time). It was the ideal opportunity for me to get on the subway and experience the wild Broadway environment, long before it was Disney-ized, as a teenager with a show ticket in my hand without parents along to guide me; boy – what a great first show to see on my own!

    Letting the sun shine in,

    • I knew you’d have a great story for me Andrea – I love it!
      Thank you for sharing your experience 🙂

      Curios to know…. what’s your favorite song?
      Love & Light, Paula

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