Day 4 – Step into your goals and start a journal

The power of the written word – welcome it!  What a great way to work out your thoughts and feelings while you discover a new aspect of yourself with your goal.  Capture your thoughts, emotions and actions daily to help imprint your goals and make them more solid for yourself.

You will keep your momentum going and further clarify your goals.  Through your writing, you  will most likely get more clarity when you take a moment to sit down and reflect on what you’ve done so far.  It may help to ‘tweak’ your words, image or desires.

Being able to write about your progress is a powerful aspect of achieving your goals. You don’t have to be a great writer – just be able to reflect on your inspirations, motivations, excitement about reaching your goals.  What will it mean to you on Jan 31 to see the previous week’s entries and how much progress you’ve made!

Fit tip: buy a 3×5 index card notebook and keep a journal of your workouts.  Write out your workout before you get to the gym and chart your results through your workout.  You’ll want to write down your sets/reps/weights.  Refer to it the next time your workout to add on a few reps or more weight if you are in good form and able to handle it.

Leave a comment below and let me know how your journal is helping stay on track.  If you’d like, I’d love to see an excerpt from your workout or food journal!   Thanks, Paula

This is part of a series ’31 Days to Stay on Track with your New Year’s Resolutions’ Jan 2011.  ©Paula D’Andrea. All rights reserved.

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