Injuries. I can’t think of anyone

who wants to be in pain!  With an injury, however, it can be a good indicator as to how you are recovering.  If you are completely numbed out, you may further your injury because you can’t feel it.

Let’s classify the severity of your injury……. Papercut 0 – surgery 10!

All kidding aside, you should know your potentials and your limitations.  If you’ve done something like trip and sprain your ankle, follow RICE (rest, ice, compression, elevation).  If you have muscle soreness or strain that isn’t going away, you should most likely contact a physician.  If it persists in severity, they may recommend physical therapy.  With surgery, you are definitely going to have some downtime and recovery.

If you are working with a physical therapist, let them help you!  If your injury is serious enough to warrant this specialty, you’ve done some damage.  You may have to work through a minimal amount of pain, so be ready for that.  Your therapist is ready to guide you, and has the expertise to know how and when to push you.  Trust yourself and trust them.

Speaking of therapy, if you are in a position that requires long term recovery, get some support!  Journal, be part of a blog, chat group, support group or therapy to deal with all that is coming with your injury and recovery.  Who knows, you may be able to help or support someone else.  Your friends and family are there for you, but don’t burn them out with venting – go somewhere where you can let go of all the frustration, pain, and anger a severe injury can bring.

Nurse your small wounds with a bandage and a kiss, and get help with the big stuff!

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