FIT 90 Days

Did you know that if you're 20% over your ideal weight you're considered obese?

Do you think you're obese?  Those pounds creep up and almost overnight, someone can go from 'overweight' to 'obese.'  The reality really hits when you have somewhere special to go and you go to your closet to get your 'event outfit.'  You pull it out to see if it needs to be cleaned and you of course, while you're there you decide to try it on.  It isn't so easy to slip on anymore, is it?  What do most people do when their clothes don't fit? 

What do most people do when their clothes don't fit?
They go through a range of emotions from anger to guilt
They throw out every fattening food in their fridge & cupboards
They do everything they can to lose 5 lbs in one week

Sounds a little insane, doesn't it?  If you haven't ever experienced it for yourself, I bet you have a friend who has, and you know how crazy it can be trying to lose weight.  I know the struggle personally and professionally.

Born with athletic ability, I've always been pretty active. I also grew up in my family's pharmacy working the soda fountain.  Yup, candy, chips and ice cream whenever I wanted.  There comes a point of over indulging, especially as a kid.  And there wasn't gourmet chocolate then.

As well as developing a sweet tooth, I had quite a few physical conditions that sidelined me growing up. And a mother who always told me I was fat.... and I listened.  As I look through old pictures, that really wasn't the case.  It's amazing what the mind will take as truth.


Copyright Paula D'Andrea July 25, 2016

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