Do you know how many people start off their Discovery Sessions with that statement?
“I used to….”
Have time to exercise
Have more money
Sleep better
Go out more
Love my work more
Be able to touch my toes

You get the picture.  You may have even said some of these things, or have a few of your own.  Before you know it, a couple years go by and you’re “I used to’n” yourself all over the place.  I was recently at a middle school graduation and the 14 year old valedictorian said, “I hear when you get older, time really flies. That’s scary! Make the most of your time now, while you’re young.”  Out of the mouths of babes, lol.

Well, now “you’re a little bit older and a lot more bolder than you used to be.”  How can a busy person keep it all going when they have so many demands on their time? To get out of the “shudda, wudda, cudda” syndrome and do what they really want in life? I won’t say it’s simple, although my clients do find it’s easier than they thought, once they get going.

Next time you’re “I used to” statement comes up…..
Be aware of it and make a note of it. Awareness is the key to change for any habit/thought/reaction. When you have a moment write out everything associated with your ‘used to’.
– Give yourself a reality check. Is your ‘used to’ still really valid or doable? It may be dated and need a tweak.
Get out of your story. Break the pattern of telling yourself what your life ‘used to’ be like. Live in your now.
Bust a move. ‘Opt’ to go in a new direction and sign up now for a Discovery Session with me for an objective and proactive approach to who you can be, right now.

By the way, I do have a dollar for every time one of my clients says that.  Leave a comment with your “I used to…..”


 Rock ya self out ~











Paula D’Andrea, Intuitive & Visionary Coach

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My name is Paula D’Andrea, and I specialize in kick starting my clients into their

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Whether you’re recovering from something that kicked your ass and you need to

get back on your feet, or you just need a new direction, I’m the creative force to

get you there….. quickly and easily.

Energize into your inner Rock Star…….

learn how to use your “Screamn’ Demons” as fuel

– energize your dreams and live without limits

– dismantle limiting beliefs

– Rock a Higher Vibe to add your hum to the world

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  • The world became a better place for me once I started doing reality checks and asking myself whether the ‘I used to’ was valid in my present life and worth going back to. 8 times out of 10, the new Me and habits were more valuable than what I was. Thanks for the reminder, Paula.

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