Hot Club

The Hot Club was one of my absoulute favorite places to hang out when I lived in RI. I started going there in high school and when I had an office job, this ‘wood shack’ was my spot after work. It was on the water, and it had character…. and characters….. badump-bump!

The last time I was in Providence was November of 2011, and I stopped in. They’d cleaned it up a bit…. yet, it was still that bare-bone bar. What’s really cool is that they are now part of ‘Night Lights,’ along with their patrons and some other local businesses.

Each night around 830P, they flash their red neon sign 4 times to say ‘Good Night Hasbro Hospital.’ It’s something the kids and staff at the children’s hospital have come to look forward to, and the kids have started flashing back at them. It’s a wonderful testament to goodwill.

Giveback is important. I volunteer whenever I can, and I do a fair amount of pro bono calls as well. This week I received several emails thanking me for my words, actions and positivity. I even got a hand written note…. jackpot!

Last week, I attended a local awards ceremony, hosted by a former client, and met the honorees. It is always an honor to add my presence and support. In so many ways, I felt that ‘full circle’ whirl around me. My business is growing, as am I, and legacy is a word that is becoming more and more important.

I hope this gives you a moment to think about your own legacy, as well as remember some of your favorite places and good times. Go with your heart, and put some thought into your giveback.


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