What are you Grateful for that will make you Greatful?
As you prepare for your Holiday thanks, and I’m sure a superb meal, what are you Grateful for?  Take a minute to be silent with yourself and reflect on all of the wonder, beauty and even chaos that keeps you grounded in who you are.  Take another moment to jot down what comes to mind.  As you reflect on your list, how can you take yourself from Grateful to Greatful?

As you express your gratitude, think about how your reflections can make you Great.  The seemingly simple act of being grateful can uplift you to new heights of greatness.  Really take in what you’ve written on that piece of paper and realize how powerful you are, and how much you contribute to yourself and others.  It’s something to be proud of – don’t overlook anything.  Start stepping into your Greatfulness, and continue to be Grateful!

Holiday Tips

Here’s a tip from my friends at Exceptional Living:  Display a Thankful Tree at your entry way for guests.  Have them sign a piece of paper with what they are Grateful/Greatful for, and hang it on the tree I’m adding this in ….. make time during your festivities to read them aloud and acknowledge one another


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Pick up the pace!  Add some activity other than eating & take yourself on a Turkey Trot or dance with your guests
Savor the food in front of you, one forkful at a time!  There’s no rush. Eat slowly so you’ll digest better.  Have one plate at meal time, don’t go back for seconds until 3-4 hours later
Socialize.  Slow yourself down, relax and enjoy your company!




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