Where in your life do you feel an expectation wasn't met?  It could be from a family discordance or a life situation you weren't equipped to handle.  And, at the time, it probably wasn't something you dealt with right away, nor did you realize the extent of your disappointment.  Eventually, life just went on.


What happens to all the issues you cover up?  They become automatic reactions. When triggered, they carry resentment, anger and disappointment.... and even long-term riffs.  Some things may even manifest physically as migraines, stomach issues, or body aches/pains.  Fear, hurt, guilt and shame often accompany the symptom and create an overall sense of disappointment.  

When you experience situations you aren't ready for in life, they can really eat away at you.  Until you get to a point later when you realize you have to get to the bottom of things and resolve them.  You just aren't quite sure how.

One thing you know for sure is that you want to go forward with grace.

Find Grace in one simple process - click here and move forward



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