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Get Off The Floor

Get Off The Floor

Get Off The Floor
What do you do when everything in your heart, head & body are screaming 'NO!!'
It happens. It can be because of depression, inactivity, stress, or just because it's the end of the day and you're tired. It's real, and you have to acknowledge how you feel.

Each of those states comes with a different energy, mentality and struggle. Is there a way to turn that energy around? YES! Depression is no joke, I've been there. So is dealing with pain, starting to exercise and being tired. I'm sure you can relate to being stressed or just being tired at the end of your day.
So... how do you get off the floor?! You make a decision. It's that simple. If your decision is to stay on the floor or dive under the covers, be comfortable with that decision. It wouldn't be one I'd recommend on a regular basis, but I understand that occasional veg mode. Sometimes you genuinely need to rest, shutdown and take care of your mind and body.

When it isn't really the right decision, you know how that goes right? 'Should I go for a walk?' "It's too late, I don't feel like it, my body won't move" - that's part of the internal dialogue, right? And the more you lay there, the more active your mind gets. Do you think it would help if you got your body active? Probably. It may be a s l o w walk - that's ok... you're moving.

5 Keys To Your Success
1.  Reduce your sugar intake - begin to stabilize your body and your mood
2.  Get support and accountability to stay active and move forward - don't try to go it alone
3.  Drink plenty of water to stay clear and hydrated - it will make your body & mind feel better
4.  Keep a journal - acknowledge your feelings..... they won't go anywhere unless you do!
5.  Ground yourself daily with Confidence - download your copy here

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PD RYLTransformation Specialist Paula D'Andrea is a speaker on the topics of mindset, wellness and inspiration. Paula is an expert in harnessing the power of transformation to help busy professionals end pain and self-sabotage to create more freedom, visibility and abundance in their life. She is CEO of a personal development company with over 20 years experience working with 1000s of people nationally and internationally. Paula teaches her signature program F.I.T.™ as both live events and live webinars and consults and speaks globally. Visit and

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