‘Once There Was A Way’
A day turns into a week… a week turns into a month… a month turns into a year. Have you experienced those times in your life where you’ve been dealing with something that seems like forever? Something that you at the time, you said, “tomorrow will be better,” and a year later, you’re still feeling it?

“I Will Sing a Lullaby”
It’s as if you’ve lost a window of time, an empty frame in your life. Resting in a void, you don’t know where the time went or how you became so enamored of your thoughts. A waltz within yourself where emotions serve as your seductive partner embracing your situation.

“To Get Back Home”
And it seems you’re searching for a way out. An arm, a leg, a foot, extended in space to be pulled forward. No agenda, no guilt… just yearning to be set free, unapologetically…… gracefully. Back into the human race where time marches on, ready to be you. Rebuilt from within.

Ready to Rebuild? Get back into yourself with a little help from a friend.
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Paula D’Andrea, Rock’n’Roll Alchemist
www.pauladandrea.com, www.rockyourlife.tv

Are you ready to Rock?
If that’s a YES!!, I will Rock you out like Joan Jett to get you where you want to Go-Go.
My name is Paula D’Andrea, and I specialize in kick starting my clients into their
inner Rock Star so they can begin living the life they’ve been dreaming about.
Whether you’re recovering from something that kicked your ass and you need to
get back on your feet, or you just need a new direction, I’m the creative force to
get you there….. quickly and easily.

Energize into your inner Rock Star…….
learn how to use your “Screamn’ Demons” as fuel
– energize your dreams and live without limits
– dismantle limiting beliefs
– Rock a Higher Vibe to add your hum to the world

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  • Remember, one can only see the stars when it’s dark outside. And how beautiful those stars shine!
    Here’s to the brilliant light & radiance in all of us (and the rock stars within us as well).
    Thanks Paula.

    • I love that! Thank you Debra. A beautiful perspective from a woman who has lived in the wide open spaces 🙂
      Cheers to the Brilliant light & radiance of our inner Rock Stars ~ P

      “Well we all shine on
      Like the moon and the stars and the sun”

    • The circle of coming together to see ‘The Writing on the Wall’, Peggy Lee. There comes a time
      to revisit, rebuild and renew….. to see those darkest hours into light. Yes, Beauty in Self!

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