RIO 2016

Can you recall a particular instance when you went all out? I mean, when you really put your heart into something. You prepared yourself as much as possible, with whatever resources you had at the time. You were focused and knew what you wanted as an outcome - to have better health, build your business, give yourself the freedom you desired. You went for the GOLD.

You may have had excellent, mid-range or poor results. The fact is, you went all in and landed somewhere.... much like an Olympian. With all their training, GOLD is the goal, and sometimes they fall short - for silver, bronze... or last. Because going all out for best results means you're doing it from the heart.

The summer Olympics in Rio reflect the reality of it's hosts resources. It isn't as flashy as opening ceremonies or coverage in the past... it's pretty bare bones, and Brazil acknowledges that.

Priorities and circumstances shift which affect you personally and professionally. As you undergo changes, you have to reevaluate all your resources to accommodate a new, expanded reality.

Like an Olympian, you've put lots of effort and heart into your life and biz. Are you getting the results you'd like?


©Paula D'Andrea August 5 2016

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