Gimme 50

Quit your complaining, stop making excuses, and get into action!

All the side stepping, wallowing, bitching is only making matters worse.  You say you want a better body, a better attitude, a better life.  What are you willing to do to get there?!

For the next 10 days, follow this simple formula – 50 squats, 50 pushups, 50 abs.  I don’t care how you have to break them up to get them in – just get it done.

Modify your Pushup

Get back to me when you’re ready for more…….


©Paula D’Andrea July 7, 2011. All rights reserved.


  • Love your post! I feel the same way. Everyone is complaining that they want to be healthier/look a certain way but they aren’t doing anything to get there. I say “get up off your butt & doing something!”. Great post.

    • Great Julie……. happy to hear you are in movement 🙂
      That is a heated yoga w. movement, right?
      I see it’s catching on in a few regional areas – keep it up!

    • Cool on you Amy 🙂
      Yes, you can definitely work up to that! Do what you can to
      get started & let me know if I can offer any motivation or pointers.
      It is ALL about our journey, my friend!

  • brings back memories of not wanting to listen to my personal coach. That’s right, just do it, and don’t come back to me until you want more and you’ve done what I’ve told you. Great approach.

    • The direct approach is always good – especially if you’ve determined the goals & parameters from the get go. Let me know how I may help, Nancy & join the challenge! Paula

  • I started doing something similar a couple years ago when I heard some celebrity was doing 100 situps. I thought…”I can do that. Just not all at once.” So every chance I get I try to weave something into what I’m doing. Like sitting on an exercise ball at my desk instead of a chair. Then when the music inspires me, I can just get a few extra wiggles out.

    • Great incentive MaryAnn! A wall squat will help alleviate stress on knees and keep
      you on track. If you have a stability ball, you can place that between you and the
      wall for more comfort, ease and tracking.
      Check back in with any questions and to let me know how you are doing 🙂

  • ha ha ha ! I just brought this challenge to my 20 and 12 year old daughters and they whined.. No way.. I don’t know how to do a push up.. or a squat.. LOL. Ok. what if I teach you.. will you do it I ask.. they both say… YES!!! ha ha ha!! awesome!!

    ok. IT’s good there are three of us.. or I would probably get distracted by writing, and not do them.!!

    • Love it! Cool on you and the girls Elissa 🙂
      That’s great bonding time with your girls and a fantastic way to stay supported.
      Let me know what’s happening……… Paula

  • Paula –
    I recently (re-)started training – and I got the Kettlebell itch! It is a killer workout! I would be happy only doing 50 squats without the cannonball w/a handle!

    Am I complaining? Nope! But I do get an
    Awesome workout!

    Be Well.

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