It still happens…

When I walk into a room of strangers, the butterflies, the choking sensation, the nerves…it kicks in. The sensation doesn’t last as long anymore, however, even ONE second of it is too long for me.

Many entrepreneurs, who find solace in online marketing, avoid the rooms full of business owners and prospective clients because they don’t want to experience these kinds of feelings.

And you know who you are.

So let me tell you now…you are depriving your potential clients of the “goodies” you have to offer that can turn their world around. So enough hiding what we want…get out there!

Since I do (still) get these sensations, I look for ways to “get rid of them” and we have learned from other coaches, teachers and consultants some steps we can use to overcome that initial fear and enjoy “playing well with others.”

Here are three tools you can use, to feel cool, calm and collected when attending those business events…

1. Do your homework…check out the attendee’s websites…

If you can find out who is attending in advance, check them out! “Meetups” ( show you who has already “RSVP’d” so that you can learn something about the attendee. Many group programs use Facebook group pages to build community before people attend.

Both present opportunities to do some covert “spying” so that you know who has similar interests that can spark a great conversation or can connect you with more like-minded opportunities. You can also identify prospective clients or partners based on the information they are sharing in these groups.

Given the familiarity of these sites, people let their guard down a bit and share more openly, giving you great information to easily connect with them.

2. Prepare some questions to ask…

Create a standard opening you want to use when you meet people. Here are a few you can use next time you’re out!

– What brought you to this event?

– How did you meet or learn about the host of this event?

– Is your business in the area or are you an online business?

– What do you hope to get out of the event?

– Who do you want to meet while you’re here?

If you have questions at the ready to start the conversation, you’ll feel more confident about walking in the room and either entering a conversation or starting one up!

3. Go on the offensive…

I love meeting new people and removing my own nerves by going on the offensive. That means, I’ll jump right in and ask. “Tell me why you’re here, what kind of business you’re in,” and use opening questions like this put the other person at ease. They are able to share more about who they are and what they are looking for.

Then I can continue the conversation based on the information they’ve shared. It helps me to be calm and in learning mode. So when the conversation turns to me, I know how much to share based on what they’ve told me. Now it looks like I’m brilliant because I can link my comments to what they want, vs. just talking about myself!

And now you will be brilliant too with all of these inside tips.

Your 6-figure ideas assignment is to put together YOUR strategy for “playing well with others.”

Do your homework before you attend an event, prepare your “opening” questions so that you’re cool, calm and comfortable and finally, go on the offensive by asking first so that it puts your colleague and yourself at ease and willing to “play” together.

To create your customized roadmap to playing well with others, so that they easily become your clients, advocates and partners, let’s create the plan, together. Your private business roadmap session will give you the simple plan that creates confidence, energy and results.

Simply send an email for a quick chat and we’ll talk about how you will experience the result you want, today… Email

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  • I like the idea of having some questions in my mind – I think that would work in many different situations. My guess would be that other people are nervous as well, so using these ideas would help everyone in the setting!

    • Me too Carrie 🙂
      Chris makes some excellent suggestions here to make you feel comfortable
      and the people you are meeting. Win/Win & great way to connect!

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