Did you wake up one morning and say “what the heck happened to my body!” It happens…. it seems like it happened overnight even though it’s been a progressive build.

It sucks when you’re sidelined by an injury, unable to fit into your clothes the way you used or you’re experiencing more aches and pains while you’re aging.

Get Your Body Back! Discover the #1 reason most people – maybe even you – have pain in their body – watch now!

As a Transformation Specialist, I’ve heard just about everything you can hear about the body (sometimes too much!) With multiple knee surgeries, accidents, weight gain, extreme medication and even a staph infection under my belt, I’ve learned to navigate my body. You can learn to navigate your body too! Start by visiting http://pauladandrea.com/ryltv to get on our VIP List and receive your very own copy of the F.I.T. Guide. Begin to make gradual changes that will put you back in your body and back in your life!

One of the biggest changes I experienced when transitioning from Fitness Trainer to Transformation Specialist was in my body. Extra weight, and flare ups I thought were history, crept in because of inactivity and many hours sitting at the computer. Scheduling my time at the gym got harder and harder as my computer and projects swallowed me whole.

I will admit there was a fraction of ego that jumped in, and my body and mind screamed “NO WAY!!” My journey in life has been long, especially physically, and there is no way I’ll let my body go to _. You can fill in your own blank, lol. And the fact of the matter is, my body just feels better lean and strong.

FIT Bodyshot 200x300When I was thinking about a book cover for my forthcoming book, F.I.T., it all of a sudden popped in my head that I had the best shot ever…. and it was mine. There were many years that I lived in disconnection, and being unappreciative of my body and the way I looked. On a business level I Rock’d it …… my lean, tan body went a long way in giving me credibility as a trainer and actor.

On a personal level, I didn’t really own it though. Even though I made this amazing transformation with my body, (above, left), my body image and esteem didn’t match the outward appearance. Inner turmoil from my past were still present.

At another level, it gave me the confidence to move 3000 miles and go after my dreams. It also saved my life. I’ll share more about all of it in upcoming episodes and in my book, F.I.T.

In this episode find out….
– the #1 symptom your body is really dealing with
– how self care can be a catalyst for more transformation
– what you can do to be the F.I.T. that fits you!

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