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  • Alignment

    Fear, unresolved emotion and eventful circumstances can really throw you off your game.  Your past usually rears its ugly head at the most inopportune moments – messing up your relationships, work or health.  It’s frustrating.  There isn’t any fixing to do… no blame, no shame… nothing to dredge up.  Just you, looking at yourself with love, renewal and self-ownership.  Break free from your past – out of limiting beliefs & patterns – and re-design your life.  Give yourself a new perspective that will move you forward on a new path – with clarity and confidenceIn alignment.


  • Light

    What happens when life experiences take you for a ride and shake you to your core? Divorce, sudden loss, illness, empty nest and career transitions may leave you feeling overwhelmed and in some pretty dark spaces.  Doubt and fear set in and send you spiraling into the dark.  In your time of duress, you may even trigger emotion from past events.  You’re aware, yet you can’t go forward.  You need Light to fill the darkness.  To bring your heart back.  To bring your sanity back.  To give you strength.  To fill you with Love and Light.

  • F.I.T.

    Holding emotion or trauma in your body manifests in many ways – mood swings, chronic pain, flare-ups, excess weight, anxiety and stress.  When you’re in so much discomfort, you don’t feel like doing anything.  You hide out, you sabotage, you give in, you isolate…. which creates more problems.  You desperately seek “alternative methods” with some giving you better success than others.  You’ve been to countless doctors who say ‘you have to live with it.’  Do you really?!  It’s time for you to live in your definition of healthy by getting to the root cause of your pain.  Get your body and your life backGet F.I.T.™

  • LOV

    There’s a cosmic pull for everyone….. it’s in the ease of being right with yourself – in thought, feeling and action – in stride with the Law of Vibration.  When you are in LOV, you are resonating the vibration that is uniquely yours – it’s up to you how high you want to take it.  Is it easy to slip out of?  You bet!  It takes practice to become fluid.  By getting to know yourself on all levels – spiritually, energetically, emotionally, intellectually, socially, physically – you’ll release old attachments, expectations and grudges – the things that no longer serve you.  You’ll learn to Be – to step into who you really are and create Freedom in your life.  Find your LOV.

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