5 Tips for a healthier Heart

February:  American Heart Month

Tip 1:  Give up smoking!  I know, it’s a tough one.  It is one of the few alterable risk factors and a great way to improve your lifestyle.  Get some support, make a decision, and do it.

Tip 2:  Walk more.  EVERYWHERE.  Take the stairs, park farther away, take a walk during your break – every step counts!

Tip 3:  Eat less crap.  You heard me – clean up your meals and cut out the crap – the fast food, sweets, soda, etc.  You’ll thank me when you make it to 75 🙂

Tip 4:  Get to the gym.  Strength training is a key factor in having a healthy heart.  Get in 2-4 good weight workouts per week.

Tip 5:  Let it go.  That’s right…  when your co-worker says or does something really stupid or you get caught off in traffic – let it go.  It isn’t worth the stress you are putting on your heart!

Fit Tip: in honor of Jack LaLanne, his family making a request for his fans to extend their workout an hour today.  Do what you can do, whether it be 10 minutes or an hour.

What is your tip for a healthy heart?  Leave your comment below.  Thanks, Paula

©Paula D’Andrea, all rights reserved 2/11.  To support American Heart Month, this is part of my February series, ‘Matters of the Heart’.

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