In The Meantime

I've got a couple of clients who are in transition right now, and their biggest struggle is The Meantime. Can you relate?  There's always something that is changing in your world, isn't there? And the most challenging aspect of change is what to do in the meantime.

By most standards, waiting sucks. You feel out of control, your spirit diminishes and you may even get a little depressed. The flip to 'hunky dory' may be a stretch at first.... would you settle for 'OK'?


You feel the windup..... you know you're going to that place - what do you do?!  Here are a few RESETs for you to practice to keep you out of a downward spiral:

  1.  Be Graceful - a lot of times when you're in the meantime, you have a little tendency to get out of sorts, don't you?  Taking a moment to switch into your higher power will keep you in a state of grace and good standing.  Give yourself a minute to remember that, especially when dealing with others.
  2. Be Forgiving - blame is one of the first things to pop up when things aren't going well, and a whole tirade of negative thoughts ensue.  Rather than get spun out, take a moment to breathe and forgive yourself.  Whatever you've done in the past, is in the past..... let it go.
  3. Keep It Simple - inundating yourself with too many things leaves too many unfinished things, leading to more angst.  Stick to one project at a time.
  4. Stop Resisting - the sooner you surrender, the quicker things will change.
  5. Catch Your Breath - spend some time calming yourself with some simple breathing exercises.  Find some great tips on Just Breathe!
  6. Power Up - remember a time when you were at your most powerful, close your eyes, see what you saw, hear what your heard, feel what you felt.  When you hit the peak of that emotion, open your eyes and connect with yourself and surroundings
  7. Give Up Wondering - stop wondering what other people are thinking/doing and put your energy into what you can do and focus on yourself.

Transitions can be hard - give yourself a break.... get some support and move through easily and effortlessly.  Take your first step with a RESET Session.  Find out how by contacting


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