This weeks RESET:  Face It

Face it - Baldwin



Nothing will change without acknowledgement.  There are issues around career, finances,health and relationships that get put aside for a long time, wouldn't you agree?

Avoidance won't get you anywhere except further from resolution. The quest is to find the piece of you that finds peace in the process.

3 Steps To RESET
Align - what does this tell you about you?
Every day is a new way to learn something important about yourself.  There is a learning waiting for you in the situation.... open your heart to receive it.  When you aren't listening, you are looping in your mind.  And, you may be manifesting pain, gaining weight or developing an illness in the process.  Are you ready to listen?

Connect - to  the part of you that's been hanging on
There is an emotional component here... the reason why you have been hanging on.  How will forgiveness and reconciliation help you find peace to move on? With the hundreds of people I've worked with, each person comments on the peace of mind and relief in their body they feel once they've experienced a Reset.  Are you ready to find peace in your life, body & mind?

Energize - the outcome you want - NOW!
James Baldwin is spot on - not everything that is faced can be changed.  Your past is your past.  Your power lies in how you connect and align with yourself to energize your best soulutions.  Are you ready for the Reset that will give you a new outcome?

What to do next:  Face It & RESET
Journal with the 3 Steps To RESET.  Contact me for email support with anything your're stuck on or need clarification with,



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