When you’re wallowing in your shit, you just want to wallow in your shit.  You don’t want Mary Fuckin’ Sunshine coming by to say, ‘there’s always light at the end of the tunnel’.  Really?!  With a grimace you look at her and say, ‘get out of here before I bitch slap you, bitch.’  You know she’s right, but hey, who wants to hear it right now.

Deep in your heart you know you have the glimmer.  It’s there to guide you, and probably others.  It can be everywhere, except those moments when you want to sit in the dark.  You have a purpose.  Intensity, speed, polarisation, frequency.  Ultralight, XRAY, gamma.  What’s your wavelength?

Are you the 10th candle on the birthday cake for the kid about to go into double digits?  The 22nd bulb on a  Broadway marquee or the tail end of a fireworks finale.  A glow stick or those wands used to taxi in an airplane.  One of those survival lights you squeeze or crank to get going.  A wooden match, a kerosene lantern, candlesticks, a Bic lighter, a Zippo.

Do you burn all the time like the lighthouse beacon shining safe passage or flicker like a burnt out halogen guarding the entrance of a rundown apartment complex.  Maybe you splash the world like a well lit arena or just go for the important stuff like the revolving lights at a grand opening.

Are you a 30 year old street lamp on a desolate street that performs its duty from 8P to 5A.  Could be you’re one in a swarm of fireflies.  Let me guess, the Vegas Strip can’t hold a candle to you.  Or people confuse you with the biggest bonfire on the beach.  When they get closer they find you’re just an ember, about as bright as a piece of charcoal that’s about to crumble into fiery dust.

You roar and burst like a new log in an open crackling fire.  You reflect like the tips of plastic lining the freeway or a biker’s vest on a dark side road.  Perhaps you illuminate like a Christmas tree, the outline of the Champs Elysees, a Disneyland parade or a UFO.

The lone red glass candle on a checkered table at an Italian restaurant.  An aromatique candle a couple lights when they take a sensual bath.  The bulb attached to a surgeon’s head, as easily transferred to a miner’s helmet.  The headlight of a train spewing filtered light on a track.  Aurora Borealis shining, as billions of stars surround her.  A lightening bolt in sweet, steamy, summer heat.  A sea alien glowing at unfathomable depths.

It doesn’t matter what form you take, as long as you shine.  You can give yourself those dimmer moments, but don’t get lost in them.  Let your light be the one that pulls someone else out of their darkness without saying a word, just simply being.  Radiate, luxuriate, participate and enjoy that light of yours!  The next time you find yourself in a moment of darkness, and Mary swings by, don’t even give her the chance to say anything.  Just light up and smile.

©Paula D’Andrea.  June 2011.  All rights reserved.       Don’t miss a thing, sign up now!

‘C’mon baby, light my fire.’  I know your imagination is as good as mine.  What kind of light can you add?!  Leave it in the comment section below.


  • Eileen

    what a great piece Paula, when i feel my light dim I liken it somewhat to the season of winter when I just wanna die and take the time to rebirth and spring back to life more vibrant and alive than ever……..so Mary f@?%%$$….. seldom drops by these days for a pity party, cos the lights are out and Im a sleepin with an energetic sign that says “im cookin and dont open the oven or you will spoil my creation” sending you all lots of LOOOVVVE xxxx

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