Exercise at 40+

Now that I’m in my 40s, I’m finding I don’t have to ‘kill it’ every time I work out, lol.  I’m glad I went all out in my late 20s/early 30s (pre injuries) – I really gained a great foundation and muscle memory.  I had the ambition, energy and time to do it, and it served me well.  Now when I lift, I still train with intensity and have some great lifting sessions, but it doesn’t have to be 4 days a week.  I suppose what’s really changed is intention and energy.

Key areas at this stage of my life are nutrition, movement, mobility and stress management.  I know what to eat on a daily basis – it’s a no brainer.  When I go to a party, event or restaurant, I enjoy what’s at hand in bite size pieces.  I don’t feel like I’m missing out on anything, and find joy in where I am and what I’m eating.

When I speak about movement, it can be any shape or form.  Walking, hiking, yoga, pilates, Elliptical, and resistance training at the gym or home. It all offers something different, and I really like mixing it up.  There are days I’m psyched for the gym and ready to hit the weights.  Other days, I’m good to go at home.  Some of my fave home equipment is my BOSU™ Ballast ball, 3lb weighted exercise balls, kettlebells, tubing and Pilates Reformer.    All the movement provides great flexibility, strengthening and mobility.  I throw in some ‘non traditional’ movement like M11™ to focus solely on my tissue and lymphatic system.  It all helps keep my stress levels down 🙂

Consistency and focus in these areas are keeping me in the game and having fun with my workouts!

Share your experience of what it feels like to step into your 40s & what you are doing to keep yourself on track physically, emotionally, spiritually, socially & intellectually.

©Paula D’Andrea, all rights reserved 3/11.  To support National Nutrition Month, this is part of my March series, ‘Body Fuel’.


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