Energize & Transform….. Just Breathe! [RYL TV Episode #2]

Here’s the thing… every time you stress yourself out, you’re affecting your whole system. You’re probably unaware of it because you’re so sucked into what’s at hand. You’re distracted. stressin’ & ain’t payin’ attention – no bueno!
Quick, what do you do?! Don’t give into the chaos…. the traffic, the co-worker, the kids – whatever it is that seems chaotic at the moment. Center yourself. Just pull back, and start breathing.

Once you bring yourself into awareness, it becomes that easy. Snap! – instant Transformation. Now you’re ready to Rock and step back in with the kids, the co-worker, traffic.. whatever it was and just be part of the Soulution.

There isn’t any need to get spun out. The situation doesn’t dictate to you – you feed the situation with your energy. It’s up to you to decide if you want to give it something delectable and have a party or get drained. What’s your choice?!

Bottom Line
Bottom line is, you want Life to work in your favor – as much as you can, and as best you can. Besides, when you’re Rockn’ a Higher Vibe, better things are happening. Am I right?! When you are more conscious and in your moment, You’re better able to really capture the moment
See an opportunity and contribute to the situation, and yourself
Open the door to whatever else wants to come in

Just Breathe
When you hold your body tight and trap your energy, you’re just workn’ way too hard! Learn how to relax into your body, feel and flow. I brought in expert Wendy Schmidt to give you some pointers. Click here and get some Wendy 101, and just breathe!

Wendy Schmitt is a Kundalini Yoga Instructor, Labor Doula and Visionary Coach.
To connect with Wendy, click here



Rock ya self out ~











Paula D’Andrea, Intuitive & Visionary Coach

www.pauladandrea.com, www.rockyourlife.tv

Are you ready to Rock?

If that’s a YES!!, I will Rock you out like Joan Jett to get you where you want to Go-Go.
My name is Paula D’Andrea, and I specialize in kick starting my clients into their
inner Rock Star so they can begin living the life they’ve been dreaming about.
Whether you’re recovering from something that kicked your ass and you need to
get back on your feet, or you just need a new direction, I’m the creative force to
get you there….. quickly and easily.

Energize into your inner Rock Star…….

learn how to use your “Screamn’ Demons” as fuel

– energize your dreams and live without limits

– dismantle limiting beliefs

– Rock a Higher Vibe to add your hum to the world

Go fast, go deep…… kick some ass! Click here to get started

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    • You’re welcome Debra. It’s funny that the thing we are born to do is the
      thing we forget to do!

      I just got done swimming which was wonderful to get some ‘dead air’ out 🙂
      Thanks for stopping by… keep breathin’ & Rock ya self out ~ P

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