Dealing with Stress and Staying Present - Released Aug 01, 2017 Dr. Zoe Shaw  Dr Zoe Shaw Interview with Paula D'Andrea on iTunes

Paula D'Andrea joins the show to help you deal with stress and stay present.  Known as 'The Reset Expert,' Paula’s objective is to deliver accelerated results that provide clarity, focus, and confidence.  

Quote: “The number one key to being present with yourself is being able to connect with yourself” - Paula DAndrea

Relax your mind & body for more clarity.  Instant Access to your FREE guided meditation
Learn how to connect with yourself and find the good in stress.  Also, discover ways to balance your energy including positive outlets to channel your anger.

Time Stamps:  01:40 - What is the purpose of the show? 03:05 - Watching the Wonder Woman movie 05:59 - Health tip: Pushing up your age 09:29 - Staying present on the go 10:40 - Connecting with yourself 15:17 - Meditation for stress relief kit 18:50 - Is stress good? 24:56 - How to be grateful 30:12 - Male vs female energy 36:21- Handling anger with children 42:52 - Am I spending enough time with my kids? 47:47 - Are you too busy

Dr. Zoe interviews guest who can teach women skills to ditch their stress, love their life and focus on their season. We address all things Superwoman- marriage, parenting, work/life balance, self-love, single mom dating, and feeling overwhelmed in any of these areas. I also have a health tip moment and a question/answer (Real Talk) moment every show. Dr. Zoe is a licensed psychotherapist and a Life and Relationship Coach for Superwomen or women trying to have it all. She is uplifting, inspiring, educational and relateable.

Paula D'Andrea is a results-oriented, intuitive consultant who loves helping busy professionals stare down their biggest challenges to quickly and effectively eliminate stress, limitation and pain in their lives. She believes busy professionals would eliminate their stress and experience a quicker path to scale their businesses and life, by making a few simple mindset and health changes. A leading authority in personal growth, Paula is a sought after speaker and a contributing author to several Amazon international best sellers, and whose expertise has been featured in the Wall Street Journal,, KNBC, KTLA and Telemundo.

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What was your biggest 'a-ha' or mini breakthrough from the show? Stand in your power + help another listener, share your comment below! Thanks, Paula

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