Dream in 3D

Are you a day dreamer?  Are you a day dream believer?  Do you doodle, dawdle or dangle time? Then you very well may be a creative and constantly putting your ideas into some form of 3D.

Some of the most famous icons and geniuses doodle.  This form of expression allows you to think out loud and put a sense of genius, or humor, onto paper.  Your doodle can bring oodles of ideas!

There is something to be said for taking your time.  To be a little more lackadaisical in your approach sometimes.  It isn’t about loafing or slacking, it’s about allowing yourself to ‘breathe it all in‘ here & there.

When you allow yourself to ‘dangle’ – to suspend yourself and hang out for a minute, it can offer an overall sensory experience, leading to body knowledge, imagination and a bit of freedom to ‘hang loose’.



Keep breathing your dreams into reality……..



Rock ya self out ~



Paula D’Andrea is a Reality Architect who has overcome her own ‘Screamn’ Demons’…….. Rockn’ 5 near death experiences, 3 knee surgeries, family loss and financial ruin, to come back on top and work with some of the most entertaining people on the planet.

When you work with Paula, either as a client or business partner, you can count on her having your back. She is charismatic, candid, bold & knows her shit – true Rock Star material herself.
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