Don’t Cry Over Spilled Milk

Have you ever been really busy, and then gotten super hungry because you’ve forgotten to eat?  It doesn’t happen to me often, but it did this morning.  As I scanned the choices in my kitchen for something that could be made under 5 minutes, I ruled out oatmeal or a peanut butter and habanero marmalade sandwich.  A quick look in my fridge revealed a banana on it’s way out, sitting next to my hemp protein on the top shelf.  Disco!

As I was taking my rice milk out, it slipped from my grasp, and spilled all over the floor.  On top of that, the plastic container it was in cracked in the corner.  End of that.  As I was mopping it up, (still hungry!), I realized the milk was in the container because I had dropped the box as I was unloading my groceries.  Fucker.

I did not want to go out, as I am in the midst of a one day coaching blitz, and working away.  ‘Quick, what do you do?!‘  Keanu would be proud, lol.  After eyeing my bag of organic popcorn with olive oil, I opted for the box of tomato soup I found.

It took a couple of minutes to saute some garlic in olive oil, pour the soup in and heat it up.  Nutritious & delicious!

There’s always a better food choice……. don’t cry over spilled milk.


©Paula D’Andrea Dec 2011.  All rights reserved.


  • Loved this tip, Paula! So often we’re ‘crying over the spilt milk’ instead of noticing what else is good. Wise reminder, my friend. Thanks for the zen nutrition moment. 😉

    • And good for you, Adela! If we look hard enough we can come up
      with something that has more nutritional value rather than settle for
      something ‘quick & easy’ with empty calories.

      Thank you for taking a Zen moment 🙂

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