Did you know lean people have a higher water content? Muscle holds more water than fat, another plus for being in shape! On the average, your body is made up of 55-75% of water. Every system in your body is reliant on water, and it is second to oxygen in importance for your body.


  • helps you lose weight by flushing by-products of fat breakdown
  • helps with digestion and daily elimination
  • water helps fuel your muscle providing more energy for your workout
  • your less likely to the flu, colds and kidney stones

FACT:  your brain consists of 90% water


  • regulate body temperature
  • lubricates &  protects your joints
  • helps with metabolism
  • protects our organs
  • detoxifies
FREEPOVERTY GOALS AND MISSION: “The goal of many organizations is to end poverty. We intend to do the same, and we want you to contribute. By testing your knowledge on the map shown above, each correct answer means you will be donating 10 cups of water. We chose water as our primary source of donation, because it is something that all human beings need to survive. And around the world, there are many, too many people who don’t have access to clean drinking water; thus causing various illnesses. With your contribution, we may just be one step closer to ending poverty.”

Leave me a message and let me know how many cups you donated!  Thanks for playing, Paula

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