★Monday Motivation

It is said that an elephant with a trunk
extended upward will bring luck, prosperity,
good health and happiness into your life.
Elephants are also a symbol of wisdom and loyalty.

Do you feel Lucky?

If you want to be a ★Rock Star in anything….. love, health, relationships, business, finances, or even music, you have to be ‘all there’ for yourself. At this stage of the game, you should know when you’re ‘off.’ It’s that undeniable feeling you get in your gut or some other area of your body. It may even be presenting itself as reflux, migraines, being overweight or a pain in the neck.

That ‘off’ feeling can
– keep you stuck, unwilling to take risks
– feeling bad about yourself, and feeling bad – physically and emotionally
– not taking care of yourself

Everything in your body is saying ‘take charge’, but your mind has you on lock down and neglecting your true needs. How do you move forward? Decide.

Decide that being Lucky, living the way you want and Rockn’ your life is more important than something that happened in your past or you think may happen in your future. Decide that living is more important than staying trapped – in your body and your mind.

Live right now. Step out of your comfort zone and go where your heart wants to take you – where your dreams already have. Step into your Life – be ‘there’ for yourself – know yourself, respect yourself and love yourself. While you’re at, get ready to Rock your Life!

Life is grand on the other side.

As you head into a new week, ask yourself…..
Is my potential greater than my pain?
Am I willing to extend myself – physically, emotionally, intellectually?
When was the last time I really felt accomplished – emotionally, physically and intellectually?
If I could improve one aspect of my day, what would it be?
Do I feel Lucky?!

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How do you feel Lucky in your life?  Leave your comment below……

PAULA D’ANDREA Transformation Coach

Using her unique gift to ‘tune in,’ Paula guides clients to release old, trapped energy and emotion in their body.
There is a wealth of knowledge stored in the body, ready to inform and reconnect with the heart, allowing one to be in a more dynamic flow, with ease and grace. Once someone establishes this awareness, they are able to fully connect with their body and heart, to improve their self care, be healthier and live a more dynamic lifestyle.

Paula has been featured in the Wall Street Journal, Forbes.com, and an Amazon best seller.
She’s also appeared on KTLA’s Morning Edition, KNBC’s ‘Live in LA’, and Telemundo’s ‘Al Rojo Vivo’.

Paula is also the founder and producer of Rock Your Life TV which is featured on iTunes, YouTube and the Blubrry Channel for ROKU.
On her show, Paula interviews and features leading experts in business, wellness, energy and transformation, providing viewers with tips, information and different modalities of healing, energy and self care to Rock their best life.

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  • This year my goal has been to do more public speaking. I’ve always done some, but now want to get out there on a bigger level. Some peeps say “you can’t make money doing that unless you sell from the stage.” I’m now starting to just listen to my heart and say “thank you ” to them for sharing.

    This last month I’ve felt in flow, speaking more (online & off) than I have in a while. It’s all felt really good and I’m trusting my inner guru, that this is the path for me to travel down.

    • You are on the right path Debra – you’re really Rockn’ it!
      Happy to hear you are listening and trusting your inner voice and
      putting yourself out there in ways that are aligned for you.
      The best way is your way 🙂

  • We all have our days when we feel out of luck. When that happens to me, I know I have been neglecting myself and immediately go into ME time mode and do something that is my own activity – even if it is putting on a face pack. 🙂 Stepping away from the noise helps to get back into one’s groove.

    • Right on, Vatsala! You have to recognize that for yourself, and whoosh, change it right up.
      And more importantly, have a self care ‘go to’ giving yourself the attention you need to start
      Rockn’ that Higher Vibe again. Thanks for sharing!

  • Great post, Paula. This piece especially spoke to me, so I answered your questions below:

    As you head into a new week, ask yourself…..
    Is my potential greater than my pain? OH HELL YES!
    Am I willing to extend myself – physically, emotionally, intellectually? YES! I sure Am.
    When was the last time I really felt accomplished – emotionally, physically and intellectually? THIS WEEK!
    If I could improve one aspect of my day, what would it be? More relaxing, sweet flowing compassion for myself and all I interact with.
    Do I feel Lucky?! I sure do. 🙂 This morning I hit a drive off the tee about 200 yds, it went slightly to the left off the fairway into the rough…HIT A ROCK, shot straight up in the air about 40 feet, and landed right in the middle of the fairway. In fact a perfect shot, but it had a rough and wild journey, with lots of ups and downs….but beautiful, exciting and super satisfying. Alot like life. 🙂

    • Fantastic – cheers Matt – what a shot! And yes, I love the analogy of the ups & downs of golf & life – spoken
      like a true golfer!! Most of all, I love that you see that rough & wild journey as ‘beautiful, exciting & super satisfying’!
      Thanks so much for jumping in, taking time to answer and posting.

      What do you think you could do to have that relaxing, sweet flowing compassion for yourself and others?
      Would love to hear back from you on that, Matt 🙂

  • It’s not about WHAT action you take, it’s more about tuning in to your deep knowing. Then, aligned action arises of its own accord. It’s more important to strengthen your ability to discern and know for yourself. All roads lead home.

    • “All roads lead home” – I love that Adela – thanks.
      Your body and your heart have the knowing. If you’re being
      challenged with your ability to discern, seek help!

      Everyone who’s posted so far….. Tai, Stephanie, Adela and myself
      are great guides. Be in touch if you need help tuning in, aligning
      and getting into action – we’re here to help 🙂

  • YES!! There are way too many people that need our help to hide under a rock of self-doubt and other limiting beliefs. When you are living, truly living fully, you see the full impact that you have on those around you. When you step into the full you, the bigger more expansive and magnetic you, life is more fun and you are more fun to be around.

    I spent many years of my life simply existing due to a chronic illness. I’d watch life pass by every day and was not able to do much but be a spectator. Then I found someone that helped me to work my way out of that illness. But first, I had to decide to change my story. I had to decide that I wanted to LIVE, really live. Once I made that choice, doors opened at amazing speed.

    • Thank you for making the choice to Rock your pain & become visible Stephanie!
      Emotional and/or physical pain is never easy, but there comes a point when you
      have to take your life back…. to decide that you’re going to work through it and get
      to the other side.

      You are one of the visionaries, and an inspiration for sure, Stephanie 🙂

  • I just posted this morning about saying YES to your purpose. I so believe that success is a choice. It’s choosing to get up every morning, determined to pursue your passion, it’s choosing to be undeterred by hurdles, obstacles and potholes. One of the traits of brilliant women (like us) is that we are willing to do what other people won’t.

    • Woo Hoo! You are definitely a ★Rock Star, Tai!! You’re right, it is a choice.
      Sometimes when things get tough, and people are dealing with some ‘dark moments‘, they get lost
      in those moments and forget the choices they have. That is when a light like you and me steps in!

      We are are to shine and help others shine. To keep being more of who we are to help others stand back in
      their power and be more of who they are. Keep leading the way, Tai – there are many women you can pull forward with your Strength.

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