Can you imagine diving 25 feet or more?!  I watched a video of Guilluame Nery’s Base Jump (click to watch) the other day, and found it compelling.

Meant to be ‘artistic’ and not an actual dive, it certainly was gratifying for me on many levels, and certainly for the diver, Guilluame Nery and his girlfriend Julie Gautier filming it.  Accomplishment, adventure and excitement are all present, as well as feelings of peace, calm and harmony.

To me these are elements present after a great workout.  A sense of accomplishment – the fact that you showed up, is one of the greatest feelings ever, so get excited!  Bringing out your ‘personal best’ is an essential factor in making healthy living part of your Lifestyle.  As you continue to challenge yourself and find yourself with boundless energy* and harmony, you will be encouraged to continue and seek new, challenging platforms.

Treat yourself as a piece of art – originate a Masterpiece!

* Many factors affect your performance levels – how much you slept, ate, drank the day before, as well as stress factors.  If you find your energy/performance inconsistent, look at your nutrition and sleep patterns for answers.  For more help contact me,

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