It's Time To Put Yourself First

No more 'someday' or "I'd like to, but..."

There's nothing worse than seeming like you have it all, and you don't.  Your family, friends and colleagues are proud of you for getting where you are, and inside you feel like a fraud.  You've finally gotten your business up and running where you are consistently making a profit and growing, only to realize you aren't satisfied on a personal level.  It's not a comfortable place to be, is it?

Where have you been hit the hardest?

• Is your perfectionism causing you to spend more time in the office, away from family and friends?

• Have you let your body go to the point that along with the aches & pains, you're fearful about whether you'll find an outfit in your closet for your next big meeting?

• Is your stress level leaving you so depleted it's beginning to affect your mental and physical capacity to do your work?

You've heard it before - nothing changes until you do.  'Someday' has to become today eventually.  Shrugging things off with "I really should, but..."  is no longer an option, is it?

Paula D'Andrea - The Reset Expert

There is a way out, and I'd like to help you uncover it.  The first step is to have a conversation to find out where you are and where you'd like to go.  To find out how you'd really like your life to be.  During our conversation we'll discover if we're a good fit to move forward.  It's a win/win situation.

What's it like to stare down your biggest challenge?  Here are some of my clients to share their experience with you...

"As an empowerment specialist myself, I was thrilled to be empowered by someone with this Gift.  My experience with Paula took my breath away... she had so much strength and power, but she actually projected it onto me, so that I could have my own. It wasn't like she was taking anything by being strong, she was giving it, which filled me up. She was like a 'Tony Robbins type' on the outside asking me to be that powerful person inside. She sees you, she gets you, and she makes you want to do more and be more."
Andrea Quinn, Empowerment Specialist