Day 28:  Participate!

When I was young I participated in sports.  I wasn’t the best – for quite a while I was a bench warmer!  What I did bring to my team was heart, readiness, and a desire to have fun.  I made nearly every practice and provided a challenge for starting players.

I did play a little in high school and held the same status of bench warmer and practice partner, lol.  Being athletic I tried nearly every sport and did gravitate towards biking, tennis and surfing.  As long as it was fun, I was in!

Point is, you can always make a difference in whichever groups you choose to be a part of.  As an adult, I still choose venues and events that are fun.  I also belong to groups that make me better on a personal and professional level.  I belong to several Meetups, LinkedIn groups, Mastermind and Coaching groups.  They make me stronger and put me in a much better position to achieve my goals and help others.

As you near the end of January and get ready to enter February, review your goals and see which ones will be easily achieved and supported by your participation in  a group.  I’d love for you to be part of my Facebook page:  join my page now, or sign up (below) for my mailing list.
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Fit Tip:  check out some local groups that support your exercise, nutrition and other goals.

Leave a comment below and let me know what your next step is!  Thanks, Paula

This is part of a series ’31 Days to Stay on Track with your New Year’s Resolutions’ Jan 2011.  ©Paula D’Andrea. All rights reserved.

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