Day 25:  3 Reasons to Keep it Going

1.  You’ve made the Leap – you’re Airborne baby!  Get rid of anything you’ve been holding onto…… old clothes from who knows when, a limiting belief, a negative friend.

2.  Own it – you’re already a different person than you were 24 days ago.  You are on the road to Greatness and are becoming a Better person every day – just for showing up.

3.  Spontaneity has become a familiar friend and you are in this with childlike enthusiasm to spark something Bigger within you and someone else.  You are Magnificent & Contagious!

Fit Tip: sign up for a race……. do it now!

Share your comments below 🙂   Thanks, Paula

This is part of a series ’31 Days to Stay on Track with your New Year’s Resolutions’ Jan 2011.  ©Paula D’Andrea. All rights reserved.


  • laura

    thanks for the encouragement!

    my mantra of the past couple days has been “you are gorgeously magnetic and radiant like the sun.” it’s totally hoaky. it totally works.

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