Cry Baby, Cry


Body, Mind, Soul – What Is The Connection?
It really is an individual journey, and everyone arrives at a different pace… piece by peace. The mind can hold you up with endless inner chatter and negative thought. The body can slow you down with digestive or elimination problems, extra weight and hormonal imbalances. How do you get to the sweet spot of aligning all three to feel full connection and harmony? Re-Set

Re-Set your mind to turn off negative inner dialogue
Re-Set your body to open up blocked pathways
Re-Set your heart and let your spirit flow

When you were younger, did you cry a lot? There really didn’t need to be a reason. Yes, it may have been triggered by something you felt was sad, others, it simply felt good. Sometimes your tears may have been met by “stop crying or I’ll give you something to cry about” or “there’s no reason to cry.”

Holding back your tears is unhealthy! Give yourself a good cry…..

  • purify your heart & body 
  • give yourself an emotional release  
  • remove toxins from your body  
  • relieve stress  
  • lubricate your eyeballs and eyelids 
  • prevent dehydration of membranes

Cry baby……. cry!

Love & Light,


©Paula D’Andrea Oct 22, 2015

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