Paula D’Andrea, Transformation Coach

Specializing in Body Awareness and Vibrational Tuning

I know what you’re thinkin’….. one of those kooky, crazy, L.A. chicks. Not quite. As a matter of fact, far from it. I use the world Alchemy in reference to Energy and Transformation of the body, heart and soul.

Both my grandfather and father were Alchemists.  My family owned D’Andrea Pharmacy, a neighborhood pharmacy in the Federal Hill area of Providence, RI.  I began working at 344 Broadway at the age of 8, working the soda fountain and cash register.  This largely populated Italian community was my induction to service, and it was something my family took seriously.  

My father was known for his ‘magic potion.’  Anyone that ever had it, knew his custom blended syrup was the thing to cure them when they got sick.  Instead of going to a doctor, they’d come to my father.  I watched him make his ‘magic potion’ with all his Alchemy instruments.….. beakers, funnels and measuring spoons.

My Alchemy is a little different, and my unique gift allows me to tune into your frequency, co-creating with you to give you the tweaks your body, heart and soul need to be fully and organically in your energy.  In harmony, in awareness, in totality.

You are a unique being and I’m here to remind you of that

There’s any number of reasons you may need a reminder…. events and situations of the past may still have hold of you making your life painful and unbearable.  It may be conscious or unconscious decisions that keep you in negative cycles, sabotaging you over and over in areas of love, finance, health or career. You’re at the point where you are aware of the cycles you’ve created, and need help getting out of them. 

You’re struggling to get out of
the people pleasing zone
trying to be perfect
a need to be right
an inability to connect 

It’s driving you nuts and you’ve had enough.  You’re tired of the wedge driven between you and success and the line that is drawn when you can only get so far.   It’s emotionally, physically and probably financially draining, and literally eats up your energy. 

You’re intelligent, and you’re frustrated that you can’t figure it out or get out of the issues you’ve faced over and over in therapy, hypnosis and other practices.  It’s Ok, it happens to the best of the best.  This isn’t about beating yourself up.  This is about tuning in & releasing energy that no longer serves you, allowing you to recalibrate yourself and live pain free, stress free and happily. 

This is where I step in….. uniquely gifted to tune in and tweak your frequency.  To guide you where your heart yearns to be – quickly, easily and effortlessly.  To re-instill your confidence, self love and sense of self – to Freely be in the Power of You….. Rockn’ & Rolln’ – unleashed and true. 

This is all about you.  About the life you want to live…… not the lifestyle you want to have.  This is about you….. fully stepping in – to your body, your heart, your power, your potential – your Pono.  Everything is geared towards getting you into that skin tight version of you and the ability to energize yourself at any time so you can transform any situation and Rock your Life.


I have it & I like it!  Years of real life experience is coupled with entrepreneurial business savvy, an acting background, and 15+ years in the wellness and fitness fields.  When it comes to getting results, I have found the most important factor in transformation is the environment created, and I go all out to provide both the environment and experience. 

You’ve seen the reality show the Biggest Loser, right?  Well, there is a reason someone is moved to the ‘big house’ for weeks while they undergo their weight loss transition.  It requires constant supervision, motivation and support to drop 50+ pounds – I know – at one point in my life I had to drop 4 dress sizes.  A general knowledge in nutrition, exercise, body awareness, health risk factors, and other topics are the basis for acquiring skills and an attitude to live a healthy and dynamic lifestyle.  The effectiveness you’ll have with your program lies in how you embrace behavior modifications, your heart reset, emotion and energy.

I specialized in both weight loss and body building during the beginning of my fitness career – they are very similar in approach, with nearly the same end results.  They both require a lot of discipline, heart and mental focus, as well as detail to nutrition, form, progress and attitude.  To make any change, a strong desire complimented with a strong intention must be present.  You have to know in your heart that you are ready to create new environments on many levels.  No more ‘safe’ places to crash or hide out for long lengths of time.  To Rock your Highest Vibe, you have to be ready, willing and able to release old stories, pent up or stored emotions and attachments to them.


The best way for us to get acquainted and see if we mesh is in a complimentary 30 minute High Vibe Session…… you may schedule one by signing up here.  When I’m notified of your request, I’ll send you a survey to fill out so I’m able to know your needs ahead of time to make our time together effective.   All you need to do is give yourself a time out to fill it out, as truthfully as possible.  Know that there are some things that will shift quickly for you, that then need to be balanced out with practice and adaptation of new behaviors, thoughts and energy.  I’ll guide you through – just be ready and willing! 

Your program is tailor made for either a virtual or hands on experience, and I am here to Rock it out like Joan Jett to get you where you want to Go-Go.  I like providing a unique experience for my clients so they can transition smoothly, quickly, efficiently, gracefully and easily.  It isn’t uncommon for me to coach with someone in a limo or private jet, and I totally dig 3-5 day intensives in resort style locations.  Don’t be surprised by how we roll while coaching 🙂

I don’t have an ego, especially when it comes to my clients.  One of the first things I learned while becoming a fitness trainer/consultant was not about the body – it was about how to best serve my clients.  The advice?  “Operate with your client’s best interest in mind.”  That, along with growing up in a family business with 20+ years of serving a close knit community, gives me a natural and organic style of servicing my clients. 

It isn’t unusual for me to pull in or refer an expert when needed to help move a stubborn energy.  I work with global energy experts who provide guidance and consultations.  And, if you decide to go further in your transformation, I have a roster of top specialists in fitness, nutrition, cooking, acupuncture, chiropractic, body alignment and mobility to work on body issues with.  To Rock a new look, I’ve got hair, makeup & clothes stylists to give you a new look and consultations. 

Whatever part of your is ready to come online……  

Let’s Rock!