Free Your Mind

Are you ready to get rid of the ‘old images’ running around in your
brain that have been ruining your life?  Is your heart screaming for
something different?!  Now is your time to bring your dreams to life!


Give Yourself a New Message

Breathe your dreams into reality with a mind movie.

Let your heart soar and feed every inch of your body with
the vibration that will lift you to new heights.  Open your
conscious stream to what’s been living in you for you so long.


Tap into your heart, and let your mind run wild.

Bring your dreams to life in your very own, customized ‘live’ vision board.
Manifest your life and business goals at lightening speed!


What you get*:

★ One  30 minute Coaching session

★ Choice of one song
★ Choice of up to 8 pics
★ 5 Customized Afformations

$297        NOW $247


30 Minute Coaching Session:  during our time together you will review your goals and define afformations  for them.

  • Afformation:  an afformation is different than an affirmation.  An afformation will
    • powerfully open your energy
    • activate your mind
    • let your heart breathe into all that is possible!