Fresh Start Alignment


Wrap up your past and enthusiastically be in your now…..
with clarity and confidence.

Get your body back – end chronic pain, flare-ups & ‘yo-yo’ dieting
Get out of survival mode – transform limiting thoughts and emotion

Stop Managing, Start living..... take your first step to living your life the way you want.... healthy, confident and happy

Say ‘YES!’ and put yourself on the path you’ve been striving for.  In your complimentary 30-minute Breakthrough Session, I guarantee I’ll do my part and give you the ‘AHA’ or mini breakthrough that will expand you into your knowing, and provide you with your next step.    

This is your time to live your life – to really love yourself and be the person you want to be.   Surrender to resistance.  Surrender to love.  You’re in good hands!

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Strength is one of my greatest gifts..... let me share it with you

PD Headshot 150x200There are 2 things I've heard all my life..... "you have beautiful eyes" and "you're so strong."  I don't tire of hearing either.  For all my strength, there is one thing I fought.  Self Love.  Years of family dysfunction and being at the hand of childhood bullying put my heart in shut down mode.  In my journey to get out of resistance, I've met legends & celebrities, and have studied with top experts in fitness, mindset and spirituality.

Encountering obstacle after obstacle - accidents, financial ruin, family loss - allowed me to grow into my energy.  Every step has put me in stride with who I am.  My skill set contains years of practical experience, innate talent, learned knowledge and techniques in neuroscience (NLP), quantum physics, EFT and energy healing.  Using the alchemy of wellness, organic fueling, oils/oil blends and Body Rock™, I am a non-medicinal Transformation Specialist.  

You will benefit from all of that.  You can have it all - good health, happiness, love and the life you want.  All you have to do is get out of your own way.

Love & Light

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