What do you do when things just aren't working out as you planned........
- Your pain has brought you to the doctor's office once again, to hear your doctor say, "just live with it"
- You had a life crisis that really threw you for a loop & you can't seem to get back on your feet
- You're stepping out of your 1st career or empty nest, low in confidence, and wondering "what's next" 
- Not only has being overweight become embarrassing, you are constantly out of breath

I’ve been in several of those scenarios and know how much pain, shame, discomfort and unhappiness are in each one.  And deep inside, I knew there was a way out.  I studied, I invested, I forgave, I reinvented, I overcame.  It isn’t just one thing that you do, it’s a combination of things.  That combination has become my signature coaching program, F.I.T.

 Freedom | Integration | Transformation

What do you do after you’ve gone through a major transformation or transition?  Meet yourself where you are.  Accept your circumstance and decide you want more out of life.  Then you can commit to your success.

Who you become is part of your next journey.  Would it help you to have a guide?  Someone who has traveled the road and successfully come out on the other side?  There are different facets to the process and everyone gets there a little differently. 

Taking a healthy approach will give you lasting results.  The formula?  Concentrated effort + determining what you want + knowing your outcome.  A little TLC and building the confidence to head down a new path will meet yourself on your journey will and head down a new path.  


Are you ready for your next act?

do you become because of it?  How do you pick yourself up Are you familiar with
NLP     |    The Emotion Code   |   EFT   |   Muscle Testing   |   Essential Oils   |    Heart Mapping   |   Success Principles   |   Ho’oponopono   |   Sedona Method

These are just a few modalities and techniques I use in my coaching sessions.  My approach may be a little different for you.  It’s Ok, I know I’m not for everyone.  If you do feel any resonance and would like to have a virtual meeting with me, contact me now to schedule a chat, paula@pauladandrea.com


Strength is one of my greatest gifts