6 weeks after the birth of her beautiful daughter Rita,

Mariam began training with me. Her short term goal was to ‘look better’ for Rita’s Welcome Party, introducing her to family and friends. Mariam sent me a picture of the dress she was going to wear to the party and I kept it in my cell phone. Any time a little extra motivation was needed, I’d pull the picture on my cell. Needless to say, Mariam looked fantastic in her dress and had a great time at Rita’s party!

A family emergency had Mariam out for a little while, but she is still determined to lose the rest of her weight gained during pregnancy, and is resuming training. She is a great person and client, and I really enjoy working out with her. Go Mariam!! Paula D

“Paula is not only an awesome trainer but a great friend as well. Her knowledge mixed with her warm heart is what makes her the best. She understands you and helps you enjoy her workouts- which she changes up everyday! And just when you feel like giving up and that you can’t possibly finish just remember, at least she’ll let you have a drink of water when you’re done! LOL! But all jokes aside she is the best and I would recommend her to anyone.” Thanks, Mariam

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